[Pets] Improved Relationship Gain with Pets by Nona Mena

These is a set of three separate mods, which you can use together, or individually, to improve your relationship with your pets. One file is for cats, one for dogs, and one for horses. Again, you may mix and match these mods as you please.

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

Important Details:
General Compatibility:
Cats - Use the "Play with..." interaction on the Wall Dancer with your cat and sim, and their relationship will increase by 35 (up from 20)

Dogs - The following interactions will provide improved relationship gain with a dog:
Horses - Use the "Nicker At..." interaction available when a horse clicks on a sim to to greatly improve the sim-horse relationship. "Nicker" now provides 30 relationship gain (up from 1). Distance at which the interaction is available increased to 30 (up from 20).

Note: You may need to use "Let Sniff Hand" and "Snff" and a couple of other interactions before you can finally use these altered interactions. Combine with my Improved Beloved Animals, and other Animal-Related Traits for best results.

Nona_CatFasterLTRGain_WallDancer.zip | (mirror)
Nona_DogsFasterLTRGain.zip | (mirror)
Nona_HorseFasterLTRGain_Nicker.zip | (mirror)

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