Crestview by Gurra

Founded by Captain James Butterfield a few centuries ago, Crestview is somewhat a forgotten paradise. Not many passes here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but the town has managed to survive into modern days. But will the inhabitants stay here, or flee to the continent?

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Crestview Requires:
- World Adventures
- Ambitions
- Late Night
- Generations
- Pets
- High End Loft Stuff
- Fast Lane Stuff
- Earth Day Set from Store
- hexameter's Spiral Stairs
- HugeLunatic's Backless Showers
- armiel's Build Set

Welcome to Crestview, my latest creation! It's a small world (although it's on a Medium sized world, but it would fit on a Small one) which I started in January, then had a long break, and now today and yesterday I finished it. It's prepopulated with 7 families (20 sims). Crestview has all base game and Late Night spawners, except for the meteor spawners which I forgot. Oops.

Let's show you around the islands.

This is an overview of Crestview, which are two tiny islands connected by a bridge. The third little island is non-routable.

This is the main island that holds most of the community lots. You can see the Crestview School and Stadium, and also a few other buildings.

These two houses are James Butterfield Library and Fitness For All Gym, the local library and gym.

By the beach there is a row of four houses that have space for 2 sims each.

Behind the school you can find Brunton's Boxcar Diner.

The other island is Crestview's residential area which has some houses, a playground and the town's mausoleum.

This is Azalea Court, with 4 family homes and a playground. Perfect for those who have children!

This is the Eagle's Nest, where the Archer-Butterfield (descendants of James Butterfield) lives, and also its garage, which has now been turned into a single bedroom house. Here is also the Butterfield Family Mausoleum.

This is a private beach lot, which is empty for you to build your own house on. It has a size of 30x25 tiles, which is the largest residential lot there is in Crestview, and I recommend it for your own families (unless you like playing in tiny houses) and leave the others for townies.

The private beach has the most beautiful view in town, perfectly fit to the sunset. Although, I didn't add any Beautiful Vista because I thought that then ALL lots would have it and then there's no idea having it.

Crestview at night! Note that this lightning is NOT included in Crestview, but is due to a mod I have installed (which sadly no longer is available where I got it).

Crestview is a pre-populated world and below is a presentation of the families who live her.

Archer-Butterfield §25,468
Christopher Archer-Butterfield

Descendant to Crestview's founder, Christopher is living an easy life on the island. As he was born out of wedlock, therefore still having his mother's name, he wouldn't have inherited the family fortune but something happened...

Baker §1,756
Svetlana Baker, Heathcliff Baker, Becky Baker, Topher Baker

Svetlana and Heathcliff love their daughter Becky, so of course they took her in when she and her son Topher needed a place to stay. But will they be able to enjoy their time with a noisy toddler in the house?

Funke §1,596
Sabrina Funke, Rhett Funke, Irene Funke, Spencer Funke, Carol Funke

Some might say that Sabrina and Rhett Funke are too flaky to be successful at raising kids. Will their three talented tots turn out ok in the end, or will they let the pressure get to them?

Glover-Wozny §706
Gwen Glover, Holden Wozny

Roommates Gwen and Holden are an odd pair: she’s artsy and outgoing; he’s spacey and bookish. Will they be just good friends, or something more?

Lum §1,373
Theodore Lum, Lily Lum, Lawrence Lum

Lawrence Lum is a bright, friendly teen with outgoing parents. Will he take after his computer whiz father or social climbing mother?

Martinez §1,056
Pablo Martinez, Jennifer Martinez

Lovebirds Pablo and Jennifer Martinez are outdoorsy folk looking to explore nature. Will they thrive in a new town, or will the island lifestyle eventually drive them to tears?

Williams §1,105
Aimee Williams, Marley Williams, Malika Williams

Aimee Williams is a marvel in the kitchen, but her husband Marley is a bit of a dreamer. Will he be able to support the two of them and little Malika, or will Aimee have to use her skills to earn some dough?

I hope you will enjoy Crestview, have fun! :D

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