Sunhaven by Gurra

Sunhaven is a quiet island in the middle of the sea, with a wonderful seaview and  an old forest. 30 years ago, the multinational IT company Doo Peas Inc. settled down on the island and since then things have kept changing...

Sunhaven is a tiny island world featuring a small community with business tower, school, grocery store, bookstore, diner, laundromat, consignment store, library and 7 residential homes. You can find all base game spawners, and there is also one tomb to be found on the island.

To play this world you require World Adventures and Ambitions. NO custom content has been used.

Size: Tiny (256x256)
Lots: 7 residential, 6 community (2 hidden)


Doo Peas Corporate Towers.

Saint Solveig Square, the center of Sunhaven with diner, bookstore and grocery store.

Saint Solveig Street, a road near the sea where you can find consignment store, library, laundromat and also 4 residential homes.

Aerial view of school, business tower, lighthouse and forest.

Another view of Saint Solveig Square.

People at Saint Solveig Square.

For those of you who want this little town to be more alive, I have also created a save game including 4 families; Oldie, Ruggbyrne, Ruggbyrne and Fournier! :) The Oldie and Ruggbyrne families are returning from The Sims 2, it's Coral and Herb from Pleasantview and their parents. :sunshine: Since this is 50 years before TS2, they are teenagers, and their parents are alive and adults.

The Oldie Family

Members: Irma, Myron and Herb
When Myron got promoted to Vice President of Doo Peas International Inc. he was moved to work at the Sunhaven office, and noone in the family complained about moving. Herb even fell in love here...

The Ruggbyrne Family

Members: Mamie
The story about Mamie and Bruno is a real mystery. They have a daughter together, and they are married. But they don't live together and they never meet each other. Their daughter has rarely even met her.

The Ruggbyrne Family

Members: Bruno and Coral
Despite his mysterious marriage with Mamie, Bruno has got just a normal life, and his daughter Coral is in a perfect mood. And what about those rumours telling that she has found her true love?

The Fournier Family

Members: Jeanette
Jeanette is pretty young for being as good at cooking as she is. She moved here from France at the age of 19, and there isn't anyone who doesn't believe she will one day be a world famous chef.

To download the save game and the world itself, check the Download section below.

To download, click this link:

To download the save game, click this link:

Sunhaven Lite (CAW files)
Do you want to build your own town on my pretty island of Sunhaven? Then, here they are: the CAW files from a lite version of Sunhaven.

Everything except the ground layer is taken away for you to modify it the way you want! If you upload a world based on this; please give me credit.
Download it here:

If you are looking for the full version of Sunhaven to use in-game, scroll up.

I hope you all will enjoy Sunhaven!
Comments are always welcome, and if you have any feedback, please do post so that I get to know about what you think!

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