Rabbit Holes Sizes by Gurra

***Entire guide as pdf http://www.simlogical.com/ContentUploadsRemote/uploads/1254/Rabbit_Holes_Sizes.pdf ***

As any object in-game, rabbit holes take up a special amount of tiles on a lot. As a world builder, it's good to know how much space they need to make it easier to put out lots for them. So I have measured and measuread and made a complete list of ALL* rabbit holes.

The list is sorted in different ways, to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Click a link below for the sorting you prefer to view the list in that particular way.

- by EP/SP/Store set
- by Rabbit Hole type

If you have a suggestion for an additional way to sort the list or anything else to say about the list, please PM me.

*Rabbit holes from newer EPs/SPs/Store sets, or EPs/SPs/Store sets I myself don't own may or may not be in the list, but I aim to eventually have their sizes added.

List Updates
2013-09-28 Dragon Valley, Island Paradise and Midnight Hollow rabbitholes added
2013-04-09 Aurora Skies and University Life rabbitholes added; new rabbithole type: University Building
2012-12-27 Showtime rabbitholes updated
2012-12-09 Monte Vista rabbitholes added
2012-09-12 Supernatural rabbitholes added; new rabbithole types: Antiquity Vault, Arboretum, Gypsy Caravan

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