Simoro's Dance version 1.2 by Simoro

Add some class to your Sim party with the Waltz.

Don't for get to delete the old 'Simoro_waltz_beta.package' from your mods folder.  It will conflict with the newer package.



When near a stereo playing classical music, sims now have the option of waltzing with a partner of the opposite gender.  Sims with low dancing skill will dance just a simple waltz box step, but as their skill improves, so will their moves.

    22 Aug 12
    -Further fixed routing, so sims will (should) definitely not dance through walls and objects.
    -Teens can now waltz.  Animations have not been altered, so it might look a little funny if a teen is dancing with an adult, though.
    -*Untested* Tweaked some code to hopefully allow dancing on Dance Floors and Clubs in Late Night. 
    -Sims will now be able to dance the waltz autonomously, provided the requirements are met, and they feel like it.

    15 Aug 12
    -Animations completely reworked, now with less suck.
    -Multiple skill level animations added.
    -Sims now look at each other when dancing, instead of rubbernecking at every passerby.
    -Fixed spacing issues, so sims are less likely to dance through furniture and other solid objects.

Known Errata:
    -Autonomy doesn't seem to be working with this feature, as of yet.
    -Teens cannot use this feature yet, as the animations still need a little tweaking.
    -Synchronization slips a little.  Not too bad, but it is noticeable.  Not sure this can be fixed, but I am
     working on it.
    -The command might work with dance floors as is, but this is untested, as I do not have Late Night. 
     Feedback on this issue would be appreciated. 

Many Thanks to the following:
Cherry, CyberBob, NonaMena, and MDM for guiding me through the coding problems.
Wes Howe, CmoMoney and A for their work with Blender, which made custom animations possible.
Peter and Inge Jones for the many, many tools and  utilities created, and dedication to these projects.

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