[Pets] Immediate Interactions for Rails on Horse Jumping Objects (Update to V3) by Nona Mena

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

2 November 2012 - Update to V3: This mod now works on the Gate Jump. Also includes minor change to error logging. Re-download is recommended.
24 July 2012 - Update to V2: This mod now allows you to replace rails while the object is in use. Please note that the horse may not properly update his route right away.

This mod alters the AlterObstacle Interaction available on all Horse Jumping objects. The interaction has been made immediate, so your sims will no longer need to walk to the object to pick up, add, or remove rails.

Important Details:
Nona_ImmediateMultiStateJumpInteractions V3 | (mirror)

Please report any problems you experience with this mod.

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