Breastfeeding Mod V11 - Updated 19 June by Nona Mena

Do not ask me to convert animations from TSM to TS3 for this mod.
This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

19 June - Updated to V11.
See Changelog for previous updates

This is a pure script mod which adds a breastfeeding interaction to the game. There are no custom animations for this interaction. Sims will use the snuggle animation.

Important Details:
Requires at least patch 1.42. May work with patch 1.38 (SN), but I cannot provide support for this.

Breastfeed: This interaction will appear on babies and toddlers. This interaction will only appear if the acting sim is a female parent of the baby/toddler target. If you wish to enable male sim breastfeeding, please download the tuning file provided in the Downloads section.
Breastfeed (Rocking Chair):

Known Issues:
Please report any other issues you come across! Feedback on moodlet icon and description is greatly appreciated, as well.

To do list:
Additional Credits:
Treeag (for working on it originally), CyberBob, HystericalParoxysm, Cherry, MDM, Inge, Consort

The babies pictured in the screenshots below are wearing NewOne's Default Replacement Baby Outfit available at One Billion Pixels. I have edited the outfits in CAS with NRaas MasterController.

Translation Credits: Killcia (German), yannickvanloon (Dutch), wintchs (Portuguese), Nyna (Polish), Galaxy (Russian), heartsimsim (Swedish), Bettylex (Spanish), zira (Italian), The D.H. (Korean)

Nona_BreastfeedBabyMod_V11 - This is the actual mod. You want this.  | (mirror)

Optional Tuning - You may use any combination of these files, or none of them
Nona_BreastfeedBaby_DisableCensor - Disables censor grid | (mirror)
Nona_BreastfeedBaby_AllowMaleNurse - Allows male sims to breastfeed | (mirror)
Nona_BreastfeedBaby_LTR_GainTuning - Contains tuning for the LTR gain. Unnecessary if you do not want to change the default value. | (mirror)
NEW: Nona_BreastfeedBaby_AllowAdoptiveNursing - Allows adoptive parents to breastfeed their babies. | (mirror)
NEW: Nona_BreastfeedBaby_HungryNurser - Reduces the hunger (thirst for vampires, and water for plant sims) motive of the nursing parent by 20 each time the sim breastfeeds a baby. Be careful with this tuning. You could kill the parent sim. | (mirror)

Strings - Use this to translate the mod. ONLY for Translators!

All comments asking if I am working on animations, or about converting animations from TSM to TS3 will be deleted. If you genuinely want to collaborate with me on animations, please send me a PM.

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