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Sims 2 Nanny Fixes for FT

This page is to help Nannies recognise custom babycare items as well as the new EAxis ones - specifically the Potty, Highchair, Crib and Changing Table.  This is not needed from Apartment Life onwards, as EA changed their methods.  To find out how to update custom babycare objects to work with Nannies in AL, please go to this page...

Click on file link to download:


ijNannyTemplateFTFix.zip (contains replacement globals plus some new globals)

This is a patch to the nanny template, to enable her to recognise the new FT cribs etc, and probably most custom babycare items too.  Nannies run scripts which are stored on their own character files, unlike normal sims, and the template will therefore only affect newly created nannies.  If you don't want the hassle of any of the extra work detailed below, simply kill all your nannies after installing this template fix and let the game make new ones.

      Here are a pre-patched version of each of the three premade nannies.  These are good for the Maxis default neighborhoods where you have not killed the original nannies.  Unzip Calista_User00120.zip and edit the filename so the "N006" matches the prefix on your other character files.  Use it to replace the existing nanny character file of the same name.  Do the same with the others.
      If you already have nannies other than those three standard ones, you can open each nanny's character file, delete all the BHAVs, and replace them with these:

At beginning of April 2008, when I last checked, this could happily coexist with Pescado's babycare and nanny hacks