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Sims 2 Mortgages



Very simple concept - purchase and sale prices are reversed, so when your sim buys it, they get a loan or mortgage, and when they sell it, they pay back the loan.   While they have the shrub or shrubs, each one charges the family funds interest or rent per day.  If they haven't repaid the loan when they move out, they don't get the full value for the house, and the next family take on the debt (but get the house cheaper by that amount)


You can put some of these on the lot when you are building the house before you move any sims in, and therefore reduce the price your sims have to pay when moving in, allowing greedy sims to move into quite a luxurious house without having to work their way up the property ladder.


Two shrubs - dark green one for a 1,000 mortgage at 10 a day interest, the brighter green one for a 10,000 mortgage at 100 a day


NB: Buy several shrubs to make up the total value of the loan required!


ijMortgageShrubs2008.zip     (no overrides)



Updated in November 2008 to allow for users with SimPE to edit the interest rate in the BCON and for that amount to be detected by the Lot Income Rights system as rent for the lot.