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Sims 2 Homework Hacks



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ijSchoolWorkTable.zip   (no globals)


Zip file contains both the table and the workbook packages.  You will need both of them for either one of them to work!

Useful for home-schooled children!   This can be used in a normal family home for improving grades, or within the school; but the special classroom table and workbook above are what you need for use with the classroom controller.

Click on the table.  Create work for...  Then when the work is made, the child should come over and start to do it.  If he doesn't seem keen, you can click on the workbook and use the menu option to call him to work.  Doing the work satisfies the Do Homework want, and getting help satisfies the Get Help with Homework want.  And when he has finished, his school grade goes up by 4 points - for example from C to B+.   You can use the book's menu to stop a kid working before he has finished, in which case he will get one school grade point for each 25% he managed to do.  If the child is controllable, you can of course also cancel the icon from the queue, and send him to do something else for a little while, leaving the work there for later.

The school work getting done relies partly on the kid being tricked into thinking it will be good value for *all* his motives, so you might need to step in and suggest he eat or go to the toilet if he is reaching desperation level (although I have built in a safeguard against actually starving while working).   Also for the same reason, if you use mood booster hacks, you might find him less inclined to do the schoolwork.







ijHomeworkPlace.zip - alternative to the table   (no globals)


An alternative for the table which can be placed on any other dining table or dining table clone of your choice.  It is an invisible placemat with a visible pencil so you can see where it is.  This has the SAME GUID as the table so you must choose EITHER the table OR the placemat to have in your downloads folder, and delete the other file.  Recolourable.

















Using these patches (choose one, you cannot have both in your game), whenever a Sim does their homework, extra points very slowly accumulate to all their skills.

NB The skills affected by this are the original ones only: Cooking, Cleaning, Mechanical, Body, Charisma, Logic, Creativity


HomeworkSkills.zip (contains replacement globals)

ijHomeworkSkills_BV.zip   (contains replacement globals)


Children and teens gain skill while doing homework, but cannot actually finish scoring each skill point without using conventional means of skilling.   What you will notice if they go to paint or something after finishing their homework, their skill meter will be quite high already.


HomeworkSkillsLikeA.zip (contains replacement globals)

ijHomeworkSkillsLikeA_BV.zip   (contains replacement globals)


Allows continual skilling, but will not maximise any skill, so that the Sim can still go and use a skill object briefly and get his Maximise a Skill want fulfilled








The above patches clash with TwoJeffs' "School Bus - Homework Hacks", specifically "Homework Sometimes.package"


This bridging patch is suitable for all EPs that TJ's hack is suitable for.

Important points:
1) You still need my HomeworkSkills (one of the two versions) and TJ's HomeworkSometimes installed as normal.
2) You need to make sure the file from this download, known as the bridging patch, loads AFTER BOTH MINE AND TJ's HACK.  An idea for how to do this is to create a folder in your top level Downloads, called ZZZsomething and put it in there.


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