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Sims 2 Nanny Solutions



As of Apartment Life, EAxis finally got a clue about nannies.  Firstly, nannies no longer run code stored on their own character files, they now run the code on the nanny template in objects.package.  That means any modder wishing to hack the way nannies behave no longer needs to retrofit existing nannies.

Secondly, EAxis are now making use of the concept of an object being a "category" of object.  A category has been assigned to all toilets, one to all cribs, one to all potties and so on.  Our dear nanny no longer checks an object's GUID to tell whether a highchair is a highchair, she checks its category.


The category of an object is set up in its init (initialisation) BHAV which runs when you buy an object from the catalogue.  New custom objects made from AL objects will already have this cloned.  Old custom objects need to be updated to use the system.  If you have a custom object that is not updated, the nanny may not understand that she can use it to care for the baby. In this case we are interested in the potty, highchair, crib and changing table.  As it happens, the cribs and highchairs are already taken care of, since their init BHAVs are in the semiglobals in objects.package (except in the rare case that a creator decided to import semiglobals).  We only need to update the custom potties and the custom changing tables.



Updating a potty

Open the package in SimPE.  Look for BHAV 0x1000 (or decimal 4096) and click on it to open.


Use the picture and instructions below:



  1. Tick the "Special buttons" tickbox

  2. Click "Add" to make a new line

  3. Make sure your new line is selected (in blue like above). Type into the OpCode box and the Operands boxes with the numbers shown in the picture, until the line appears like the one highlighted in blue (it doesn't have to have the same numbers for true and false or the same line number)

  4. Click "Inge's Initlinker"

  5. Click "Commit"

  6. Save



Updating a Changing Table


Open the package in SimPE.  Look for BHAV 0x1001 (or decimal 4097) and open.


Follow this picture (using the same instructions as the potty)