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Echo Park: Lot 1. Lot consists of one large main house & a smaller guest house in back. Large house has 4 bedrooms & 4 1/2 baths plus kitchen, parlor. Guest house is one bedroom with a small sunroom on second floor, Kitchen/parlor on first floor, with 2 baths.
This building is equipped with the Sim Logical Apartment system hacks, which makes the residents of each house stop trying to use the objects in the other Sims' units.The system consists of necessary Apartment tokens, which must be placed in each room & assigned an apt #, and a master controller, which you use to set the restrictions on the apts, and also toggles your apt tokens to visible/invisible. Then you choose from among the different objects hacked to work with the system: things like plumbing & appliances & fun objects like TVs & computers are 'attractive' to Sims, the apartment hacked versions of these items will only attract & be available to the Sims you have assigned to the apt token that is in the same room.
Main House, First Floor: Entry, kitchen, parlor Justin's bedroom & 1 1/2 baths. Bathroom plumbing, fridge, espresso maker, sink & TV, stereo & computer hacked by Sim Logical for the apt system.
Main house, Second Floor. Gavin, Diego & Zach's rooms, 3 baths, balcony. Plumbing, easel & computers ar Sim Logical apartment system hacks.
Object Credits: Kitchen: counters, stove & dishwasher by Fairywitch at The Sims Resource (Flair kitchen set). I could be using apt hacked stoves & dishwashers, but I have found that this lot is not as problematic as my other multifamily houses, so it is worth the risk.Table, chairs & kitchen deco & bathroom walls by Around the Sims. All Walls & floors except in bathroom & hallway floors by Glitterpixie Decor. Small green rug by Shiny Sim Things, a recolor of a Sim Logical hack that soaks up all floods on the lot.

Parlor: "Funky Futon" living room set by STP Carly at The Sims Resource, decorative CDs, green pouf chairs & readable coffee table books by Around the Sims, (the books are available apartment hacked at Sim Logical, by special permission.) Desk by Beewitched,
Justin's Bedroom Leopard bed by M&M Needful Things (love bed with adult animations). Black leather bench Sim Skins. Closet (dresser) by Livin it up. Black chair by Sim Freaks, weight bench by 7 Deadly Sims.

Patio: Mexican BBQ set by Around the Sims, hacked so your Sims can cooked other things besides burgers. Palm tree lights by 7 Deadly Sims, shortened Maxis outdoor lights by Laphelot Sim Solutions. Also, I'm using an invisible counter by Sim Logical that can be placed on the same tile as another object: I have them on the same tile as the empty tables that don't have chairs by them. This keeps Sims from bringing their grilled food inside to serve on a kitchen counter: they serve it on a patio table.

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